Thursday, November 12, 2015

Multi-Directional Ladder (J-series)

Multi-Directional Ladder (J-series)


Multi-Directional Ladder (J-series) Features:

Titan GSE’S multi-directional rolling ladders have four swivel casters which allows precision steering – enabling easier positioning of ladder in tight areas. Double Ezy-Lock mechanism easily lifts ladder to the rolling position. Stepping on the bottom step secures ladder to floor with large 2-1/2″ diameter pads on each leg.

50 degree incline safety angle on stair makes ascending/descending more comfortable and with less effort. Tough 1″ square tube construction with ergonomic round tube handrails. Weight capacity is 450lbs. Meets OSHA standards


Multi Directional Ladder J series



Multi-Directional Ladder (J-series):

Multi Directional Ladder J series 1

Multi Directional Ladder J series 2



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Multi-Directional Ladder (J-series)